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Towards the end of the 1960s, Luciano Lotti, a profound connoisseur of the art of winemaking, acquired "Tenuta la Ghiaia". His primary vision was the proper establishment of an authentic vineyard destined for sure success in the future; Vermentino, Merlot, Sangiovese, and other grape varieties known to him.

As an entrepreneur and lover of genuine things, he led Tenuta la Ghiaia over the years with his best qualities of clarity and love for his work, a sincere message that his daughter Olivia fully understood and, now determined and confident, she faces her father Luciano's legacy.

She dedicates the new vineyards to him to reaffirm once again the deep bond between the great father and the great daughter.

These sentiments are the reality of "Tenuta la Ghiaia," twelve hectares cultivated with art and passion that generate Vermentino Atys, Red Undicinodi, and the new Ithaa Wines, the pearl of the estate and Tenuta la Ghiaia.

Tenuta la Ghiaia, with its manor house, transforms into a "Maison de Charme," welcoming and comfortable with its five exclusive suites, equipped with the finest services.

The activities of the estate range from meetings with masters of art and being to the simplest notions of good food and good wine.

Harmony reigns supreme among the vineyards, carefully tended with a hint of saltiness and roots immersed in the gravel of the Ligurian-Tuscan border.

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